Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is a blogger?

I confess. I started this account because you get extra entries for some blog contests. Cool enough. And I use it for two things.....contests and the occasional ramble. And most of them are out there......talking about the shit in my life most of which is messed up right now.
But lately there has been this talk online. And it reminds me of the working mom/SAHM thing I have heard for years. She works and doesn't take care of her kids/she stays home because she is lazy/stupid, etc. NOT my opinions by the way....just cheap ass generalizations.

Now it is bloggers/sweepers. YES, not ALL but enough. Bloggers, I hear tell, are making disparaging remarks about some sweepers..probably the ones that annoy me, too. Don't listen to rules, try to cheat, etc etc. Sweepers are making fun of some blog contests....they want the big stuff. And some have legitimate complaints about being treated poorly by bloggers.

I sweep. I enter hundreds of contests a day. If I am lucky I get enough to keep my teenage daughter happy, surprise my granddaughter, help out my other daughter, etc. Because of me my husband and daughter have ipods AND docking stations. From contests.

My granddaughter has Pedipeds and Boon stuff.....from blogs.

I think it is pretty cool. I like sweeping and do it 7 days a week. Sometimes I am exhausted, even sick, but I do it. Persistence, patience, diligence.
Leftover time for facebook, very little blogging, and FNF.

My family supports me fully, why wouldn't they? A few years ago when my husband was out of work for over half the year I won 25 grand. Yes, I cried. Yes we got out of debt. Sometimes it is great like that sometimes not. And while I am happy enough doing what I do I don't necessarily advertise it to the 'real' world. It is a bit hard to explain to some moms.

Again I am drawn to the phrase why can't we all just get along? Sweep, blog, whatever..and btw, I have "met" some freaking amazing people by reading their blogs. And a couple that I thought ??? what did I do to you? You know what? It is just like the 'real' world. Good people/bad people. Nice people/rude people.

I try to be good, nice and yes, a lot of the times a bit on the odd side.

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Naomi said...

Holy cannoli! If I won $25K you bet I would keep entering everything in sight...

I started my blog to share family pics and enter contests. No big deal. I don't see why people want more explanations. Sometimes things are just what they are, face value. Why does there always have to be some sort of justification? I don't think there does...