Friday, December 10, 2010

The unemployed and their families

My husband has been out of work for a year. More than a year. It's strange how it starts out. He comes home early and tells you he is laid off. Not a complete surprise as they have laying people off for a couple of months. He was lucky to be one of the last and you are proud of him for that.

The company had never laid anyone off and had a record for once you are there you are a lifer. At first it's okay. He gets unemployment and when you don't have to pay out gas and all other things you are doing okay. And the company says things like "Hang on, we will get some contracts straightened out. We will be back on our feet." So you don't bust your butt looking for a job. You like your job and that job "security".

Then you hit the six month mark. Hmm...this is serious. Now with Bill you have to understand something. He had been working with some friends doing some side jobs. They hoped to have a company up and running. They consulted for other small businesses and did all kinds of jobs: designing, welding, building, etc. So this was Bill's time. The time to have unemployment while devoting yourself to a future dream. BUT guess what? Those same small businesses begin to fold. You watch all these people that you hoped to work for go out of business. And a certain fear and dread settle in.

My husband is 50. It isn't easy. It's damn tough. He has been a welder all his life. And his allergies have hit the roof. He coughs up crap, actually pukes...yeah, it's gross..but it matters. All of this makes for some scary job searching.

Now for the family. I am TRYING to be supportive. I hear some awful things come out of my mouth lately. {hanging head in shame} Is he really trying? Come on. There has to be a job somewhere. He is still putting a lot of time with his friends trying to get things going, looking for work and doing a lot of things around here. I think I see him less than when he had a job.

The stress in our house is high. Take this: "You KNOW your dad isn't working. We have to watch our money." This is in reply to a zillion scenarios involving our daughter. Really, Kriss? You think she has somehow managed to FORGET this? I don't think so.

This is besides all the scares with unemployment that you see on the news. Do I want the country to go further in debt? Hell, no. But I don't want to pay for stupid and unnecessary wars..or bailing out Haiti.

I want my husband to have a job. All I want for Christmas...