Saturday, March 14, 2009

ABC sucks....well, most networkds do.....but ABC more :)

I think TV is definitely at an end as I knew it. Shows are cancelled before they have a chance to even take off. Which is not to say I want to go back to where we had years and years and years of Laverne and Shirley or something.....(no offense to the fans) but at least FREAKING FINISH THE SHOW. Give us an ending. Case in point, Pushing Daisies.....the episodes are filmed. Let's see them. And Invasion? What happened?

And now? What is with this crap of stopping and starting shows.....what happened to watching every week with baited breath to see what was happening next? Um, we love that you watch our show but will you mind if we uh, take a 5 week hiatus and then start again. How many times now do I turn to my husband, or vice versa, and say, what happened to so and so? Or what was it they did before? BECAUSE I FORGOT. Yes, I lost track.

I like the fall season that ends in May. I even liked having garbage on all summer so I didn't WANT to watch TV in the summer...

I feel like someone with the attention span of a toddler is running the networks.

And don't even get me started on reality TV. What next? Kindergarten classroom? Life working at Blockbuster? Or maybe they can do one on me? SAHM with partial agoraphobia/PTSD?

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Farmer*swife said...

LOL! I agree! I'm a CBS gal though. Most nights, anyhow!

Found your blog via your page at Grow Together. Looking forward to reading more of your wit over there! ;-)