Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free movie or was it?

I won free movie passes to see The Lovely Bones. So there we were heading up to Seattle, no small feat, and it was pouring..Bill and I looked at each other..

WTH are we doing? Seriously. Free? Gas to Seattle? An hour drive? Lousy weather..traffic.

And it occurred to me. It isn't worth it. So we decide to have movie night. Wednesday nights 7 to 9. No getting up multiple times, blah blah blah...

And we test it out after we turn back from Seattle. WHAT A FREAKING DISASTER!

We arrive home and our teenage daughter is NOT happy to see us. Now there's a surprise. LOL So there is her attitude.

Then I notice the dishes we left, the carpet needs vacuuming..Bill goes to throw some snacks together. An hour later we are about ready. And we chose Reservation Road. We had this on our shelf for a YEAR and hadn't found the time to watch it.

It was a great movie..but this whole movie night needs to be reevaluated. Like next wk clean up before the movie, have snacks ready on time, etc.

And yes, I missed the whole getting to see the movie before it is in a theater, seeing a movie that looks good but we would not pay to Lovely Bones..

I think we will do the Seattle thing sometimes...just to get out. BUT only when the weather is nice. :)

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