Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who died and made you God?

Sometimes I get so pissed off. Seriously.

I did fairly well in high school. Freshman year was miserable but I came out of it and had a lot of friends and fun. Got in trouble a lot, too.

BUT I grew up. Apparently not everyone does this. Some people, most notably women, still stay the same bi***y people they always were.

This amazes me. Not only are we NOT supposed to be worried/obsessed/concerned about
being popular, we are SUPPOSED to teach our kids NOT TO. Remember? How to raise your kids 101: Thou shall not inflict pain, physical or emotional, on others.

I watched my youngest daughter be ostracized by a group of horrible girls at her
old junior high because.....gasp.....she stood up for a girl. She knew she had made
a mistake even hanging around with them but she felt she had to or face recriminations. And then they turned on her anyway. We were lucky. We moved and she is starting over and things seem to be better.

Honestly how could it have been different? I raised my daughter to stand up for people who couldn't stand up for themselves. To think for herself. It's okay if she isn't wearing makeup in fifth grade and it's okay if you don't want to look 20 in 7th grade.

But apparently it wasn't. And how could they know different when their moms run in packs, ummm..I mean cliques. I tried to do cupcakes. I tried to do Campbell's Soup labels. I tried to smile at others and get to know them. And you know what? I am not kissing some middle-aged wholier-than-thou woman's butt.

It starts here. I am sorry my daughter won't be included in those parties and those events and, wait, that's right. I am NOT sorry.

Women, GROW UP. You should be sisters, friends, and well, decent human beings.



Sticky (not too) said...

We are just starting kindergarten this year and I'm very nervous about the moms..
I love how you've taught your daughter. I hope she can keep from being hurt and stay strong...

You are so right, we should be stinking together!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

If it helps, you are doing the right thing. The same thing happened here. I and my daughter stuck to our guns. It was not easy. However, let me tell you what I have now....

I have a 26 year old daughter that has a BA and a Masters in Business. She is buying her own home and has a good job. Her bills are paid. She was not knocked up while in school and has never had a baby out of wedlock. Because of her, 1 of her friends also went back to school and got her BA and Masters. This friend had 3 kids out of wedlock. My daughter was her biggest cheerleader.

I will take that ANY DAY over being Miss Popular or Miss Populars mom.

Our moto was: What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular.

You keep telling your baby girl that she is meant for much better things than what that women are modeling.