Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oh, for God's sake

I have another session tomorrow and I feel a sense of dread. Sure, it isn't fun closing your eyes and reliving a violent part of your past. But it's good for you, right? Yeah, like an enema or exorcising some freaking kind of tumor.

Close your eyes. Pick a truly "special" moment like when your ex punched you in the stomach and tell the story as if it is happening now. Then do it again. And do it again. Until it is less painful. Except that then you go out to your car and bawl your eyes out all the way home.

And who to talk about THIS with? Your husband who is incredibly loving and patient but feels anger at your ex.......hey, it's MY anger. I want to share it all and not have to console YOU. Oh, that's right. That is what therapy is. Talking without boundaries or BS.

Back to square one. I have therapy tomorrow. And it's a good thing.

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